A Razorback Longboard

Architecture Freshman Kyle Beard will not start studio until summer of 2014, but having had some experience with CAD/CAM software in High School, Kyle was interested in learning the equipment in the designShop.  After constructing a wooden jig to bend plywood, Kyle prepared a CAD/CAM file to CNC mill materials for the construction of a longboard.  An atypical architecture project, fabricating this longboard helped him learn to operate some of the  tools that are at his disposal in the Fay Jones School of Architecture.  Any FJSoA student needing assistance in fabricating a project or experimenting with a new technique should contact the designShop staff at dshop@uark.edu.

IMG_4289 _MG_4303 _MG_4300 _MG_4335

What was used:
Handmade wooden jig- cold bent plywood
3-Axis CNC mill
Vcarve Pro
1/4″ 2 flute upcut end mill