COMP Studio Model

Every year, the Architecture Comprehensive Design Studio (COMP Studio) builds a large group site model.  Material, construction strategy, and execution varies year to year.  The following is the description of the strategy used by this year’s class:

January 31, 2014

Today we are using the CNC router to make a base for our class site model. Our class is a fourth year design studio that focuses on building systems as well as sustainable issues. In the spirit of the studio, we have chosen to use a single 6’x4’ slab of wood to emphasize the ecology of the sites natural environment.  The wood was obtained from a local craftsman Andy Baugus (University of Arkansas Alumni) who has built a career around reclaiming fallen timber in order to create beautiful handmade furniture.  We have chosen the CNC machine as a tool to inlay the urban fabric into the surface of the wood.  To begin the process, we used a 1.5” surfacing end mill bit in order to create a consistent datum to work from. Next we used a 5/8” bit to carve out the streets, being the lowest level. Following this, a 3/16” bit was used to route out the curbs while leaving the soft scape untouched. The image of the model will exist as a gesture to the symbiotic relationship between a sustainable project and the ecology of its site.

Austin Magruder; Seth Spradlin; Daniel Hill; Austin Hoover

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