General Policies

All areas of the FJSOA+D Fabrication Laboratories require training before users are allowed access.  All users assume responsibility of the Safety Guidelines posted on this website and in the laboratories.

The FJSOA+D Fabrication Laboratories are open facilities for all FJSOA+D students and faculty and may be subject to fees.  Work from outside of the FJSOA+D is considered on a case-by-case basis.  Access to FJSOA+D Fabrication Laboratories is only available during posted hours.  Student assistants will not be available for unadvertised hours.  

A comprehensive FJSOA+D Fabrication Laboratories Handbook is being created by FJSOA+D Fabrication Laboratories staff (2017) and will address access, services and pricing, safety protocols, and use agreement forms.  Questions about any item not addressed in the current website should be addressed to the FJSOA+D Fabrication Laboratories Coordinator.

Angela Carpenter, FJSOA+D Fabrication Laboratories Coordinator.

Faculty Access

FJSOA+D faculty and their students have access to facilities for various types of work.   

Common Course Assignments – Assignments that are self-directed by the students with minimal input from the Fabrication Laboratories staff. With proper orientation and training, the applicable equipment includes laser cutters, 3D printers, and most wood working tools. It is the responsibility of the faculty to ensure that proper training has been given the class as a whole before requiring use of specific equipment for assignments.  For example, CNC router usage for class projects should be coordinated with the staff with enough advance time to allow for proper training in CAM software for file preparation.  

Service Request Form should be submitted to the Fabrication Laboratories staff to determine feasibility, time-frame, and fees for the following types of work:

Course Projects – Course work requiring use of departmental funds.  Course work could include workshops, seminar demonstrations, etc.  

Personal – Use of equipment or space for work not funded by department, research funds, or faculty’s professional practice.

Professional – Use of equipment or space by faculty or hired employee representing his/her private practice or firm. 

Funded Research – Use of equipment or space funded by department, grant, or other research funds.

Design Shop

Laser Cutters

All FJSOA+D students needing to use the laser cutters must complete laser orientation before making a reservation on the laser calendar.  Laser orientations usually occur at the beginning of each semester or by special request of faculty.

Unless otherwise posted, all laser cutters are on a sign-up basis only.  “Walk-in” use on any laser is only available if a machine is not in use.  A student with a reserved time has priority over a “walk-in”.  During peak periods (mid-terms and finals), priority schedules may be posted via email, on this site, and on the door of the labs.

The FJSOA+D Fabrication Laboratories staff monitors laser cutter use and periodically pauses production to clean lenses or machine cutting trays.

Materials must be on the approved materials list.  Any material or material thickness not on the approved list that a student would like to cut, must be tested by the FJSOA+D Fabrication Laboratories staff prior to reserving a time on the laser calendar.

Student-User Responsibilities

  1. complete laser cutter orientation
  2. reserve a time slot on the reservation calendar
  3. have files completely ready to print – should errors be found during printing, the staff may postpone the job
  4. clean up during and after job



Student-User Responsibilities

  1. complete cnc orientation and know of the responsibilities in  the online tutorial
  2. complete CAD/CAM training
  3. have FJSOA+D Fabrication Laboratories staff approve job file 3 days before running job
  4. schedule job with FJSOA+D Fabrication Laboratories staff 3 days before running job
  5. bring all material and jigs
  6. be present during job
  7. clean up during and after jo