Welcome to the designShop

Design Shop

Located in the basement of Vol Walker, the designShop is an open environment lab for all FJSoA+D students & faculty.  Material experimentation, prototyping, and representing scale models is an essential part of the design culture at the FJSoA+D.  The designShop supports this hands-on learning and research through offering use of a variety of equipment; laser cutters, CNC routers, and rapid prototyping machines.  A wide range of materials can be used in the lab, ranging from foam, wood, plastic, and aluminum.

The designShop is managed by full time staff and student assistants.  Together, the students and staff are present to give advice and assistance, monitor safety and protocol, and maintain all equipment.  The designShop is under the direction of the FJSoA+D Deans Office and Angela Carpenter, Fabrication Workshops Coordinator.

The Wood and Metal Shop supports construction projects ranging from light fixtures and furniture to three-dimensional models. The facility is staffed by one full-time technician and is available to students and faculty for design, coursework, and research projects. The workshop houses multiple table saws, band-saws, chop saw, scroll saw, drill presses, jointer, planer, lathe, belt sanders, metal break and many hand tools.

contact dshop@uark.edu for questions